Here at Beard and Company we strive for quality and excellence.

We firmly believe that the whole is the sum of its parts. 

We can only create quality and efficient products due to the ingredients we search the globe for. Only the best goes into what we make.

What you won’t find are harmful chemicals, fillers or synthetic fragrances. Most of these make skin and beard issues worse by drying out your skin. Many common beard care products use fancy smelling fragrances but they are better off in candles where they belong.

If you put ingredients that make you drier than before, what’s the point? 

If you’re buying beard care products that offer nothing but fragrance, then they are doing it wrong and you are wasting your money.

You might be making your beard really unhealthy as well. That’s why we formulate our products to actually work. Not just smell nice.

Growth. Strength. Repair. Protection.

This is what you get with us.