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Beard Beads: What Are They and How To Use Them
Jul 28th 2018
Beard Beads: What Are They a…

Beard Beads What are beard beads and how to use them What are beard beads? Simple question! They are a decorative piece of jewelry that you thread your be...

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Why Did My Beard Stop Growing?
Jul 24th 2018
Why Did My Beard Stop Growin…

Do Beards Stop Growing at a Certain Length? So, did your beard stop growing at a certain length? Maybe! Growing out your beard is a very rewarding experience. The...

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A Beard With a View: Talking with Rutledge Wood
Jul 24th 2018
A Beard With a View: Talking…

If you have a television, you have undoubtedly seen Rutledge Wood in action. Hosting Top Gear USA, covering NASCAR and even co-hosting his own food show on The Cooking Channel, th...

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Can I Use Body Wash in My Beard Instead of Beard Shampoo?
Jul 22nd 2018
Can I Use Body Wash in My Be…

Beard Shampoo vs Body Wash: What's the Difference? We have all been in this scenario. You’re in the shower and you still need to wash your beard but you realize that your bot...

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