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All-Natural Pomade


Made with all-natural white beeswax and pure shea butter, our high hold pomade is a great styling hair product while also providing conditioning properties for all day style and shape. This is a fantastic all-natural styling pomade that also tells even...

Cologne Oil


Our all-natural essential oil-based cologne Frontier is perfect for those of us who love the outdoors. It’s woodsy with notes of pine black, oakmoss, bergamot, and ho wood. This earthy cologne can be enjoyed by both men and women. Suggested...

Eyebrow Growth Oil


What it is: The best all-natural brow growth oil specially formulated to regrow eyebrows that have been over-plucked and over-trimmed. Size: 10 ml glass bottle with roller top Solutions: ✔ Stimulate your hair follicles and promote circulation to...

Kent 20T Folding Beard Comb


What it is: The Kent 20T is a 100mm fine-toothedfolding beard comb with a convenient pocket clip. It's the perfect size for your shirt pocket or tucked away in your pants pocket. What makes the Kent 20T the best beard comb, even better than regular...

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