• beard and company frontier cologne oil

    Frontier Cologne Oil

    Beard and Company's Frontier Cologne is enriched with premium organic essential oils pine black, oakmoss, bergamot, and ho wood for a natural outdoors scent that reminds us of hiking in the Rocky Mountains. Frontier Cologne is perfect for those of us...
  • kent 20t folding beard comb beard comb folded for travel

    Kent 20T Folding Beard Comb

    The Kent 20T is a 100mm fine-toothed folding beard comb with a convenient pocket clip. It's the perfect size for your shirt pocket or tucked away in your pants pocket. What makes the Kent 20T the best beard comb, even better than regular wooden beard...
  • beard and company mustache growth balm

    Mustache Growth Balm

    Beard and Company's Mustache Growth Balm is a leave-in treatment that's formulated with premium organic ingredients that moisturize facial hair and grow thicker, fuller mustaches. Solutions -Doesn't clog pores -Moisturizes the skin underneath your...