Shea Butter

What it is

Shea butter is the byproduct from the shea nut that comes from the tree of the same name from West Africa. The shea tree is also known as the karite tree which means "tree of life" due to its healing properties. It's been used for hundreds of years for hair and skin care. It's a well-known inflammatory agent and is known to regenerate cells which is great for anti-aging products.


What it does

Since it's soft and has a pleasant and light aroma, it's a perfect base for our balm products. It's a main focus for any of our formulated products and balms because it's a great moisturizer. For hair and beard growth, it's great because it is one of the more moisturizing products you can use for damaged hair. Shea butter makes our balm super soft and easy to get out of the container.