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The 10 Best Beards from the Avengers and Marvel Universe

Jun 14th 2018

The 10 Best Beards from the Avengers and Marvel Universe

Our Favorite MCU Characters with Facial Hair

Have you ever noticed how some of the best Marvel characters have beards? Since having a beard, mustache, or facial hair of any kind automatically makes a character cooler, it's no surprise that many Avengers and other Marvel characters have them.

So let's countdown our favorite Avengers/Marvel characters with mustaches and beards...

10. Dr. Henry Pym - Ant-Man

With age comes wisdom as does proper beard knowledge. Michael Douglas really knows how to grow a goatee and it certainly shows here. Nice job, Hank! Maybe he had something special brewing up in his lab.

9. Tony Stark - Iron Man

The classic goatee. This is what you think of when you picture beards and superheroes. Can’t go wrong as it is immediately recognizable. You don’t need to be a billionaire to grow one but you do need a steady hand a good, sharp razor or trimmer.

8. T’Challa - Black Panther

King of Wakanda and king of facial hair too. Sleek and stylish. You don’t always need full coverage with your beard to make it pop and look great.

7. Dr. Strange - Dr. Strange

He has a couple different styles but we opted to show his full beard. Even though he looks borderline homeless, he still pulls off a great full beard. The idea is to trim it up and look healthy. He eventually shaves and trims it into a Stark-like goatee which works great for his character.

6. Thor - Thor: Ragnarok

Even Thor’s dad had a killer beard thanks to Anthony Hopkin’s portrayal in the first movie. It takes him until his second movie to get his beard fully going but when he does, it basically turns him into a machine. You don’t need to live in Asgard to grow this one but it might help.

5. Erik Killmonger - Black Panther

Wakanda is full of beards and probably by no coincidence, all the kings had beards. Even Killmonger. Be careful when rocking this one, you may overthrow the current leader.

4. Thanos - Avengers

His wife Susan must have loved it. Hard to tell if this is officially hair or not but here at Beard and Company, we are too afraid to tell him otherwise. Looks like a goatee to me!

3. Ego - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Kurt Russell has pulled off some impressive whiskers over the years and being Starlord’s father is no exception. Plenty of ego between Chris Pratt and his dad here. Bet this one took a while to grow, though.

2. Rocket Raccoon - Guardians of the Galaxy

This raccoon talks. Who’s to say that he can’t grow a beard? Facial hair? Check. Bradley Cooper has made his way onto bearded celebrity lists for years and his Rocket character is no exception.

1. Captain America - Avengers

Chris Evans really shows what he can do for this character just through is facial hair. As his character progresses, so do his rugged looks. He is proof that the same person with the right type of facial can be transformed into something a little more badass than without it. A lot more badass, actually. He’s not America’s Captain for nothing.

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