Mustache Growth Oil

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Beard and Company's all-natural Mustache Growth Oil roll-on is a botanical blend of the best vitamins and nutrients that stimulates and promotes mustache growth.

With liquid coconut oil as its carrier oil, combined with Vitamins A, C, and E and other essential oils that are great for growing hair, this oil blend is jam-packed with proteins and vitamins formulated to increase healthy mustache growth.


  • Sulfate-free and paraben-free
  • Doesn't clog pores
  • Lightweight and non-greasy
  • Perfect for sensitive skin
  • Prevents dandruff and acne
  • Promotes thicker mustache growth
  • Moisturizes and softens dry facial hair without clogging pores
  • Keeps inflammation away due to the anti-fungal properties of lauric acid
  • Full of Vitamins A, C, E which protects your facial hair from damage
  • Liquid coconut oil base is high in protein and fast to absorb
  • Perfect for growing a handlebar mustache

How to Use

Unscrew cap and roll a light covering on your mustache. Comb through your mustache with a beard or mustache comb. Use daily after showering or overnight.


MCT (fractionated coconut oil), rosemary oil, thyme oil, lavender oil, tea tree oil, vitamin E

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10 ml
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50 Reviews

  • 5
    Beard and Company

    Posted by Frank on Dec 11th 2018

    Great mustache oil and customer service!

  • 5

    Posted by Victor on Dec 5th 2018

    Works great

  • 5
    Best mustache growth treatment

    Posted by Bobby on Nov 28th 2018

    Beard and Company products are superior to all the brands I've tried in stores. You can't beat their quality. This product helped me grow a thick handlebar mustache and I still use it as a conditioning treatment.

  • 5
    Five stars

    Posted by Roger on Nov 7th 2018

    Five stars

  • 5
    Wouldn't use anything else

    Posted by Brent on Nov 6th 2018

    I've been using Beard and Company's mustache growth oil for over a year. Before I started, I was looking for something natural that would make my stache grow a little faster. I refuse to take those fake growth vitamins because who knows what's really in them or where they were made? Abyway, my mustache looks so much fuller than it did a year ago, even my mom couldn't believe it when she saw me recently.

  • 5
    A+ bang-up job. Helped with my breakouts too

    Posted by Keenan on Oct 29th 2018

    I never had a good mustache or beard. My cheeks were patchy and their growth serum worked for those but I really wanted something specific for my mustache since it needed the most care. I had a lot of ingrown hairs and dandruff around my beard but after a week or two I noticed that all of that stuff went away. The MCT oil is very healthy and works well for skincare too.

  • 5
    Great scent and thickened up my stache

    Posted by Walton on Oct 27th 2018

    I talked with the owner for a while and they were able to reassure me a lot about the product and ingredients that go in it. I used it every day since I got it and I am very happy. About a month later I noticed a difference in how thicker my mustache area was growing. I don't have a problem with any part of my beard except for my mustache so I can finally grow it a lot thicker now. Even a goatee looks way better on me than it used to,

  • 5
    Real ingredients for hair growth

    Posted by Rog on Oct 25th 2018

    Real essential oils that my family has been using for generations. They smell great and work well. Applying this is really easy with the roller ball under the cap.

  • 5
    Connected my mustache to the rest of my beard

    Posted by Prince on Oct 22nd 2018

    Always had problems with my beard and mustache being weirdly apart from each other. It got my mustache growing thicker and I can see more follicles popping up connecting them together. Really happy.

  • 5
    Best oils for mustache growth

    Posted by Les on Oct 20th 2018

    Rosemary, thyme, MCT oil, tea tree. The best. Really stimulates my hair follicles and the coconut oil really gets down into my skin to transport these ingredients.

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