My Beard Stopped Growing! How to Jumpstart Your Beard Growth Again

My Beard Stopped Growing! How to Jumpstart Your Beard Growth Again

Growing out your beard is a very rewarding experience. There’s a lot of ups and downs...highs and lows. It’s something that you can put years into. It’s understandable to be protective of your beard when you notice an issue, or even when you think you notice an issue.

What commonly happens is that you start noticing that your beard may not be growing as much as it should be. It’s possible that it stopped growing.

But don’t worry. It is not unusual to experience periods of time in which your beard has either slowed in growth or stopped altogether. Luckily for anyone with a beard, this is not permanent.

There are even ways to get it growing again no problem. And it doesn’t involve any magic spells either. We also examined three common reasons why you may be experiencing a sudden change in growth.


A common reason why your beard may not appear to be growing is breakage.

Hair that's dry, over processed, and brittle will break off and appear to never grow past a certain point. We will mention it a few times but that’s how important it is to realize.

Over-shampooing (even regular frequency of shampooing with most shampoos) can lead to dryness and breakage. Wavy and curly hair are particularly affected.

beard shampoo and conditioner

To prevent this from happening, be sure to use a gentle, hydrating  beard shampoo and conditioner a few times a week. It is important to note that shampooing too often will strip the hair of its natural oils, leaving it even drier and prone to breakage than it was before.

Luckily our beard shampoo is more gentle and cleanses your beard and skin without stripping too many natural oils. After shampooing and conditioning, be sure to apply a natural beard oil so that your beard does not dry out. Replenishing your hair with healthy essential oils will keep it nourished and less prone to breakage.

beard grooming kit repair formula

Another great solution is our Beard Grooming Kit with Repair Formula which contains our formulated beard oil and beard balm to cure breakage and dry skin causing breakage along with our shampoo and conditioner.

Beard Split Ends

Split ends occur when hair when a single strand of hair splits into two at the end. In severe cases, the strand may split into multiple ends. They are mostly caused by brushing or combing too harshly, over shampooing, and blow drying.

One big problem that we have noticed is that many combs have cracks and microscopic chips that cut through dry hair like a saw. Many cheap plastic combs splinter and break easily which is bad news for beards as they are made with injection mold plastic.

Metal combs can have the exact same problem. Burrs are painful and they can show up on almost anything made out of metal. Plus the scraping of metal teeth on my cheeks does not feel good. Call me crazy.

Wooden about splinters. It’s true you can find a well-made wooden comb but there has never been one that does not soak up excess beard oil. Some use this as a selling point for the comb.

But the big problem is that a lot of the oil that ends up in wooden combs is not just beard oil. It’s your natural oils as well. This is no good because your body oil is dirty and honestly, a little gross. It’s okay, though. It’s like this for everyone.

Thinking that the soaked in beard oil will condition your beard as you comb it? Not really because it’s filthy.

Also beard oil expires over time. It can take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years but it will go bad eventually taking your beautiful wooden comb with it.

What's left?

We recommend Kent combs because they are made with a crazy high quality plastic that is hand-sawed for each comb. It’s perfectly formed and smooth. It’s quite literally made for your face. And they’re unbreakable. Our favorite is the folding comb with pocket clip. It won’t snag your hair or damage the ends whatsoever. It’s also big enough for most beards as well.

Poor diet

A balanced diet is essential to growing a long, healthy beard.

Growing healthy hair is pretty similar to growing a healthy body. The good news is you can leave the dumbbells where they are.

Nutrition for hair growth is very important and the same goes for beards. You need to make sure that you get the proper vitamins and plenty of protein and omega fatty acids. Specifically you need iron, vitamin E, trace minerals such as selenium, copper and even magnesium to keep your beard in great shape.

A diet high in lean protein such as fish and plenty of fruits and veggies will make sure to feed your mane what it needs to keep growing properly.

Drinking enough water is also very important. If you’re looking for specific foods to get your beard growing then have a look at our video here.

You may be noticing that your beard isn’t growing as much as it used to be or even at all. But you have to know that it’s okay and normal for it to happen. We gave you some common issues and solutions for these issues that can impede growth that should be very helpful.

Here are some recommendations to boost your growth naturally that will help with many common issues but also is formulated to stimulate hair follicles and promotes blood circulation.

How Fast Should Facial Hair Grow?

The average person grows about 6 inches of hair a year. That comes out to ½ inch every month, or about 1.25 centimeters.

Facial and beard hair is no different than regular hair as far as growth rates are concerned.

Facial hair grows at the rate of 6 inches a year or ½ inch every month just like head hair.

The problem that comes with growing facial is if your hair is not healthy then it will not grow as fast as it can.

Issues like dryness, patchy spots, poor diet or the wrong products can lead to growth problems. Blood circulation is key in hair growth and it can’t grow without it.

Is There A Terminal Length for Beard Growth?

Though the maximum length varies from man to man, it is generally agreed that the terminal length for beard growth is about 2 years.

How to Grow A Beard Faster

The two beard-related questions I'm asked the most are 1) how do you grow a beard? and 2) what are the best growth products to use when growing a beard?

While human hair grows an average of half an inch per month, there are things you can do to encourage beard growth and prevent conditions that slow down your growth such as breakage, beard split ends, beard dandruff, and ingrown facial hairs.

To successfully grow a long beard, it's important to consume the right vitamins and nutrients that your body needs in order to 1) grow at a normal, healthy rate and 2) prevent the whiskers that you've already grown from breaking.

  1. Shampoo your beard with a gentle beard shampoo with tea tree oil.

Why tea tree oil? It’s a natural disinfectant that exfoliates and removes dead skin and build-up, preventing beard dandruff, acne, and ingrown facial hairs.

  1. Use a hydrating beard conditioner after shampooing your beard.

After using beard shampoo, apply some beard conditioner and rinse. The beard conditioner will soften your beard and make it less likely to break unlike just using beard shampoo. And since you want to grow a beard faster, it’s critical that your facial hairs be soft and healthy so they don’t break and cause beard split ends.

  1. Moisturize your beard with an all-natural beard oil.

Using high quality  beard oils is essential to healthy beard growth. Why? Because a dry, brittle beard is prone to breakage. Just like the hair on your head, split ends in your beard cause the cuticle to fray, essentially damaging and cutting off the hair that you've worked so hard to grow.

extra strength beard growth kit

Extra Strength Beard Growth Kit

Beard and Company's Extra Strength Beard Growth Oil is the best blend of essential oils formulated to encourage beard growth plus tamanu oil, a Polynesian oil derived from the seeds of the tamanu tree. It's packed with all the antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, and vitamins you need to grow a healthy beard.

extra strength beard growth oil and balm

Extra Strength Beard Growth Oil and Balm Kit

Following these 3 simple steps every day will encourage your beard to grow faster by keeping it clean, exfoliated, moisturized, enhanced with vitamins and nutrients, and free of problems that cause beard breakage.

May 9th 2019 Beard and Company

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