Are You Making This Mistake When Washing Your Beard?

Are You Making This Mistake When Washing Your Beard?

This Simple Change Will Keep Your Beard and Skin from Drying Out

If you're like me, you like your showers warm. Really warm. Unfortunately, the hotter the water, the dryer your skin and beardwill become.

It's best to use cool or lukewarm when washing your beard and face because hot water causes the oils in your skin to soften. Add soap to the mix and your skin's protective barrier of oil will be stripped away. This causes itchiness and dryness.

Using cool water also helps seal your hair which keeps it from being brittle. Ask anyone in a salon or barbershop and they will tell you hot hair is dangerous. Even rinsing your beard and hair in cool water at the end of a shower will dramatically reduce making it worse on your own. If you are wondering why you have flakes in your beard or your hair even with certain shampoos for dandruff then you should definitely be using cool water.

So be sure to use cool to lukewarm water and don't forget to apply beard oil to your beard before it dries. Using ourbeard shampoo with cool water is one of the best tips we can give! You won't strip natural oils ontop of keeping damage to a minimum from hot water.

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Jun 14th 2018

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