The Ultimate Guide to Halloween Costumes for Guys with Beards

The Ultimate Guide to Halloween Costumes for Guys with Beards

Can you believe it's autumn already?

Before you know it, the leaves will turn shades of yellow, orange, and red, and our beards will smell of cinnamon and apple cider.

Or maybe that's just me.

Halloween is our favorite holiday here at Beard and Company. In fact, it's our wedding anniversary.

We still like to dress up and go out for Halloween, so finding just the right costume that works with a beard can be tricky.

So without further ado, we bring you...

The Best Costume Ideas for Bearded Men: Characters from TV, Movies, Games, and Pop Culture with Facial Hair

1. ZZ Top - Billy or Dusty

These guys know how to rock. The band consists of three members. Two of them are the main beard that we all know and love. Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill. Ironically, the drummer is named Frank Beard.

2. Will Smith, Suicide Squad

This bearded Prince from Bel-Air has had beards in quite a few rolls but his most stand-out beard has to be Deadshot. The bald head and full beard (plus his red and black suit) are his definitive features.

3. Travis Fimmel, Warcraft

If you want to Trick or Treat as Anduin Lothar then you might have your work cut out for you. You kind of have to be the last true descendant of the ancient Arathi bloodline and be known as the Lion of Azeroth. But at the very least you need to have long hair, a pointy chin beard and a seriously bad-ass suit of armor.

4. The Road, Viggo Mortenson

For this look, you need to be heading down the right Road. Grown-out goatee plus full beard is his signature look here. Grab a backpack, hoody and padded green jacket to complete it.

5. Tony Stark, Iron Man

Who doesn't want to be Iron Man? You can choose to be any Mark suit you want. But sometimes it's fun to be the playboy. Classic Stark goatee required. Along with a glowing chestpiece. Shouldn't be too hard, right? Etsy does have some awesome but not-as-functional options.

6. TJ Miller, Deadpool

Are you a wiseass? Do you want to be a sidekick that sees zero action? Perfect! Weasel is the character for you. You might want to get some higher standards though. You need a zipup sweatshirt and the classic glasses shown here to complete the look.

7. Thor, The Avengers

While there has been more than one version of Thor, to be the most recognizable you should look like the guy above. Long, flowing blonde hair and beard. Hammer makes the look. Does not need to actually be blessed by the Gods to use this prop.

8. Geralt, The Witcher

Grey, white, dark grey. Get that color pallette and you're good to go. Having a horse helps things. He's known for multiple swords and wearing chainmail with leather straps. 

9. Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Running Man

Arnie has a few cool looks in this movie. Any of his outfits pretty much rule in this movie. It's up to you if you have Arnold-sized ones to rock the tight outfits. But his manliness look has to be here torwards the end of the movie when he's chomping on another cigar.

10. Joel and Ellie, The Last of Us

Full beard, flannel and jeans. That's it. The female/male pairing makes this an iconic choice for couples who are into gaming. Pick up a green flannel shirt pretty much anywhere along with a bag and a dirty face. You're set.

11. The Dictator, Sacha Baren Cohen

Arguable the safer choice between his other characters Bruno and Borat. Rocking an oversized beard and hairdo, the important look here is no mustache and a bunch of fake medals. A professional looking white suit will really make the entire outfit. 

12. George, Silicon Valley

This guy beards! Clean-cut and a perfectly trimmed beard is his ideal look. He seems to prefer french cuffed shirts witha super-tight fit. Having a crazy fancy car helps for sure. Just be careful not to scratch the car with your studded belt.

13. Al Pacino, Serpico

A great transformation movie. Pacino goes from by the books cop to a more "woke" version of. He lets his hair and beard grow out for what it seems to be for just not giving a shit anymore. Beaded necklaces helps too.

14. Ron Swanson

"Give me all the bacon and eggs you have." Long-sleeve red shirts like this make Ron's look. Swept hair and mustache is a must. Warning: cholesterol levels may rise while bing Ron Swanson.

15. Ron Burgundy

I'm Ron Burgundy?

16. Mr. T, Rocky series

I pity the fool! Bring your best boxing game for this costume. Black trunks and the classic red gloves. Mohawk is a must. Full beard a must.

17. Rick, The Walking Dead

First of all, this looks like the actual Rick from the show, Andrew Lincoln. Well anyways, his iconic look is from the first season or so when he is still decked out in his sheriff outfit. Tan jacket and undershirt. Wet hair and a full beard. Boom, you are now Rick. Just don't get bit and keep that arm to yourself. 

18. Mendez, Resident Evil 4

I don't think anyone is this tall in real life. But that aside, all that is required here is a really long beard, a bald head or a bald cap and a long trenchcoat. 

19. Ragnar Lothbrok, Vikings

It's hard to go wrong as a viking. Blonde hair and a blonde beard will pretty much do it. You can really complete the look with any sort of weapon like a sword or axe.

20. Bluto, Popeye

Three words. Classic anchor tattoo. This will really make the costume. Holding a can of spinach with his stylistic hat and pipe will make people "fall olive you."

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21. Obi Wan Kenobi

Use the force! And grey hair coloring. Rocking a long, white robe with even a toy lightsaber will make anyone want to use the force when they see you here.

22. "Crazy" Mel Gibson

What's great about this costume is as long as your beard looks like Mel here, all you have to do is yell profanities. As crazy as he may be, he sure makes a good movie every now and then. Let's look at it like a tribute. 

23. Max Payne 3

Stay away from the painkillers as Max Payne. There are a few different looks you can choose from but we feel that Max Payne 3 is the best choice. 

24. Luke Sywalker in The Force Awakens

Man, the Jedi sure looked comfortable. Maybe that's why they are more laid back than the Empire. Similar to Obi Wan, you need to turn your hair and beard slightly grey. 

25. Leo, Django Unchained

Leo has a great beard style here and it wouldn't take too long to grow it for real. What really makes the look here is the fancy clothing with the cigarette holder. 

26. Kurt Russell, Tombstone

Kurt is so cool, he's on the list more than once. He makes his cowboy really cool because of his scarf and stylish mustache. Also, that revolver is huge.

27. Kratos, God of War

So badass we added him twice. Take a pick from bearded or goateed Kratos. 

28. God of War 2

Obviously we prefer the full beard.

29. King Triton, Little Mermaid

The muscle suit really comes in handy (and the next costume below) and as long as you have a trident, your white hair and beard will be the cherry on top.

30. Joe Manganiello, Magic Mike

This is an easy costume to switch up. You can take any profession's uniform, leave off the shirt and you have an instant male-stripper Halloween costume. Who doesn't love a thrifty stripper?

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31. Jason Momoa, Aquaman

The way more badass version of King Triton from The Little Mermaid. Since he has a new movie coming out, it's a great year to be first on the costume train with Aquaman. 

32. Jamie Foxx, Django Unchained

Another badass character that deserves to be on this list twice. Here above is his best look. The goatee and hat are the most identifiable traits for Django here. 

33. Jamie Foxx, Django Unchained (alternate)

If it's good enough for him to pick out in the movie, it's good enough to pick out for Halloween. Case closed.

34. Bill Pullman, Independence Day Resurgence

Hey, being the President of The United States of America is tough during an alien invasion. No wonder that 20 something years later it's still tough. 

35. Hugh Jackman, Les Miserables

He really does look miserable. Bad haircut, scars and long beard make for a fitting character cosplay.

36. Stoick, How to Train Your Dragon

The casual costumer may have trouble with this. The elaborate beard braiding mashing with the cartoon-like get-up takes it from ordinary to extraordinary.

37. Guy Pearce, The Rover

If you don't recognize this character, then you should check out the movie. Guy Pearce plays a seriously badass character with a nothing-to-lose attitude. The beard style is a good choice here.

38. Halflife, Gordon Freeman

Did you accidentally open up a portal to an alien world? If so, then you probably don't need any tips for this. Crowbar recommended.

39. Garden gnome

It'd be a "mis-gnomer" to call him a troll. I think he's saying "go gnome, you're drunk!"

40. Sam Eliot, Mask

Gar! No really, that's his name. Gar. The shirt says it all and it's 100% necessary for this costume.

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41. Gandalf

Classic beard character. There isn't a costume shop in the world that doesn't have at least a few of these costumes laying around.

42. Tormund Giantsbane, Game of Thrones

Don't call this guy a ginger. I didn't just now so it's not like you need to tell him that.

43. Freddy Mercury

You're going to have yourself a real good time as Freddy in this get-up as it's cheap and you can really get the look across with the armband, short haircut and mustache.

44. Daniel Day Lewis, Gangs of New York

You'll want to stay in character all night with this costume. Emmy not included.

45. Crazy Dave, Plants vs. Zombies

Dress like your local designated crazy guy and don't forget your trust pot-hat.

46. Comstock, Bioshock Infinite

I hope you kept some of that grey beard dye. This guy looks great. The dark fancy jacket makes his look.

47. Christoph Waltz, Django Unchained

Great beard here. His mustache is also very grown-out which adds to the look.

48. Captain Spaulding, House of 1000 Corpses

What's great about this is his face makeup. It does not need to be perfect. In fact, it has a better effect when it is slightly smeared.

49. Captain Price, Call of Duty

This is more simple than it seems. The hardest part will be shaping the beard situation but all you need is black military gear you can find in an army surplus store and a gasmask which you can find there as well.

50. Borat

Very nice! This requires a grey suit and an awful understanding of our culture. And the stache.

51. Blackbeard the Pirate

Totally not recommended this way but Blackbeard stuck out with his foes and friends due to him lighting wicks on his beard and hair. His enemies said that he looked like he was always on fire, smoking like he was from Hell. You can probably pull this off with some simple e-cigarette vapor.

52. Big Boss, Metal Gear Solid

Snake. Snake? SNAAAKE!? There are many versions of Snake to choose from but we feel that Big Boss is appropriately named so why not start here? You'll need an eye patch and a cigar. And a really confusing storyline.

53. Barry Burton, Resident Evil

Full beard, slicked back hair and a dad bod is what you will need to pull off Barry from the Resident Evil series. Even the movie got the look right. Red vest is key.

54. Adam Jensen, Deus Ex 2

You don't have to augment your body to look like Adam Jensen here but you do need a sweet beard, lots of leather and...well you do need to augment your body for this one.

55. Leonidas, 300

I hope you live in a warm area. You may dine in Hell but it'l be chilly before you get there.

56. Drake

If you want your beard to look like Drake then you should be trimming your beard on the same setting constantly to make sure it is very even all the way around. This is what gives it that really filled in look. If you are having trouble, then I recommend using our extra strength beard growth balm for beards to help fill in those patchy spots. A precision razor will help those tight cheek lines and sideburns.

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