The Best Hair Growth Oils for Growing Thin Hair Thicker and Faster

The Best Hair Growth Oils for Growing Thin Hair Thicker and Faster

The best hair growth oils that increase hair growth and prevent hair loss

Your hair is serious business and the business of hair can be hairy. Our hair is very personal to us and is very expressive. It 's no mystery why there is such a varying market of hair growth products and a whole bunch of question marks attached to them.

We will be taking detailed looks into the best oils you can buy to nourish damaged and thinning hair follicles. On top of that we will provide you a detailed list of products that contain these oils, leaving you with only the most soft and healthy hair and scalp you can have.

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What is important to look for in hair growth oils?

Hair loss can be pretty scary even if you only think you might be suffering from it. And with how much information and products that 's out there it can be tough to navigate. What we are going to do is break this down and tell you exactly what to look for, why you need them, what products we carry that contain those ingredients and why we chose those ingredients.

Hair growth oils typically have only a few types of ingredients, especially all-natural products. There are a lot of harmful fillers and synthetic fragrances that dry out hair and skin and generally should be avoided. When it comes to time-tested ingredient and formulas, there are a few things to take note and to be aware of. Not all ingredients are the same and it 's important to know the difference between them.

Essential Oils vs. Carrier Oils

These are the main two ingredients in hair growth oils and similar products. Carrier oils and essential oils. Carrier oils are typically pressed from a nut or seed such as coconut, almond, jojoba, castor, argan and even avocado. These cold-pressed oils are fantastic at providing moisture, stopping irritation and supplying your hair with much needed vitamins and omega fatty acids.

Essential oils come from plants that are steam distilled. Their natural oils are very concentrated and only a little bit is needed. You would never want to take pure tea tree oil and apply it to your skin or hair as it needs to be diluted.

The secret is the using the correct dilution of these oils. Too high or too low of a concentration of essential oil to carrier oil and you will lose all those benefits and possibly cause some short-term damage to your hair and skin, which is what we are trying to repair. Carrier oils, unlike essential oils, can be used undiluted. In fact, you are diluting the essential oil with the carrier oil.

Beard and Company's Carrier Oils

Knowing how to use these amazing ingredients is important and that is an understatement.

It 's very important.

With proper knowledge and research, we created specific formulas that help with common and persistent hair growth issues and combined the proper oils to accomplish said formulas. There are many carrier oils to choose from but luckily for your hair growth, we narrowed it down.

Jojoba Oil

A personal favorite. Jojoba oil is technically a wax that is liquid at room temperature. It 's packed with omega fatty acids and resembles our own natural sebum, our natural hair and skin oils.

Castor Oil

Another great oil filled with omega fatty acids. Castor also contains an essential amino acid for growing hair that the body needs. This is called ricinoleic acid and the body requires it to grow hair.

Argan Oil

This is a light oil that contains a lot of nutrients like omegas and vitamin e. Argan oil is ideal for those with frizzy hair, which we will go over below his section.

Almond Oil

All-around great performing oil. High in fatty acids, magnesium and phospholipids. These phospholipids are naturally-occurring lipid molecules that do a lot. Not only do they help transport other nutrients and also help them penetrate hair and skin easier, combined with vitamin E, they turn into powerful antioxidants.

Tamanu Oil

A Polynesian wonder-oil. Thick, nutty and dark green, it 's no wonder why a little goes a long way. Containing the following acids that nourish skin and hair follicles while promoting faster hair growth: Stearic acid, palmitic acid, oleic acid and linoleic acid. It also is anti-fungal which is of course gross, but no grosser than dandruff. Which, believe it or not, can be caused by fungus.

Beard and Company's Essential Oils

Tea Tree Oil

A fantastic workhorse of an ingredient. It improved blood circulation, stimulates hair follicles, unclogs pores, fights off bacteria and fungus which are all enemies of healthy hair growth.

Peppermint Oil

Dandruff doesn 't stand a chance against peppermint oil. A little goes a long way. It 's been said that a drop of essential peppermint oil is more beneficial than drinking peppermint tea, that 's the power of essential oil. It takes 200 pounds of peppermint plants to make 1 pound of essential oil. It works by increasing blood flow and helping dry skin and dandruff along with tea tree oil.

Lavender Oil

Studies have shown lavender oil to help with pattern baldness and alopecia. It is antimicrobial and can prevent lice among other benefits such as stimulating hair growth. Lavender oil can thicken hair faster than normal if used properly according to studies.

Rosemary Oil

This may be the most popular hair growth oil and natural alternative for issues like alopecia. Rosemary has shown to be more effective than leading natural treatments for those who worry about side effects from strong medications. Studies show that it can prevent DHT from binding to receptors which enable the attack of hair, causing hair loss.

Thyme Oil

Known to increase blood flow to the scalp and rejuvenates hair follicles, thyme oil is a must for healthy hair growth. It 's also a popular oil for hair loss and alopecia especially combined with other oils like these.

Cedar wood Oil

Anti-fungal and antibacterial, cedar wood is an excellent choice to fight dandruff and hair loss issues like alopecia as well.

Hair Types

Identifying your hair type is one thing you can do that is a) easy and b) very effective when choosing products. Not all hair is created equal and same goes with hair growth products. Understanding the hair you are working with will help you achieve the hair you want.

Certain oils work best for frizzy hair such as argan oil. That 's why you always see hair products marketed towards growth and repair that contain argan as it 's ideal to combat dryness and damaged hair.

Oily hair is best with jojoba oil since it matches ours so closely. It 's best to not use too much as a time either. Certain essential oils help balance oil production such as cedar wood and thyme oils as well so using the proper hair product won 't be making the problem worse.

The majority of oils we use are great for all hair types as it 's best to include a well-researched amalgam of the best carrier oils we can find. There 's no need to worry too much about that with us. We did the work for you. Just follow our tips for proper usage and you 'll be on the way to thicker, smoother and silkier hair than ever before.

How To Use Hair Oils Properly: Tips and Tricks

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Knowing how to use hair growth products is just as important as picking the right product.

1) Don 't use too much at once. Go easy. Start with only a few drops at a time and start from there. Using too much can weigh your hair down and confuse your own natural oil. Overthinking is not good, either. Just start slow.

2) Massage the oil into your hands and gently brush your hair with your fingers in a combing motion away from you. This will help disperse the hair oil evenly and keep it from weighing your hair down in certain spots.

3) Pay attention to the ends of your hair. It 's easily miss-able but not if you follow the previous technique. Split ends are quite common and can do real damage to your growth over time.

4) Use a mirror (or two if you can) and don 't miss the back of your head. Divide your hair into sections if that makes it easier.

5) Warm the oil. We do not recommend microwaving anything you 're about to apply to your own body but a warm water bath with the glass bottle should heat the oil enough. Heated oil absorbed quicker and more efficiently into hair and skin.

6) Every person 's body is different. Some people require products daily, some twice a day and others only a few times a week. Start low, go slow. Find what works for you.

7) Apply the oil and let it sit overnight. Letting it soak in for a long period of time such as sleeping overnight is ideal to let all the oils penetrate properly.

7) Use right after a shower when your hair is damp. Not wet but lightly damp. It will allow you to use less oil than using it on dry hair.

The Best Products for Hair Growth

We took all the knowledge that we told you and some we didn 't and created the best natural hair growth products on the market. Time-tested ingredients with proven results.

Hair Growth Oil

This is our classic and original hair growth oil. Perfect for all types of hair. A perfect blended ratio of jojoba, castor, argan and almond oils combined with our time-tested essential oil growth formula, this nourishes your hair from root to tip while naturally promoting hair growth and increased cell stimulation. These growth oil combinations has been used for generations all over the world.

Extra Strength Hair Growth Oil

Harnessing the power of tamanu oil and the other carriers in our classic growth oil, our super-powered hair growth oil is perfect for those who want the extra boost. Tamanu restores shine, seals in moisture, fights off infections that cause dandruff, soothes irritation and promotes better hair growth with necessary acids.

Hair Oil with Repair Formula

Using our carrier oil base of jojoba, argan, castor, almond and vitamin E, we formulated our repair oil with the highest quality tea tree and lavender oils we can find. Perfect for dandruff, flakes, thinning hair, damaged split ends and overall weak strands. Also great as a facial moisturizer since it will not clog pores plus the tea tree oil helps to unclog them as well.

Hair Oil with Protection Formula

Sage and black pepper work together to increase cell metabolism along with balancing scalp oils properly. Black pepper is not as popular as it should be for hair growth. It 's rich in vitamins A and C while removing free radicals and preventing a lot of issues like dandruff. It 's a perfect hair oil to protect your hair. Works well with any hair type. Ideal for when you are in between issues and don 't want them to come back.

Hair Oil with Strength Formula

Thin and weak hair? Start here. High quality peppermint oil from Yakima, Washington and geranium oil high-five each other before tackling big hair growth issues. They wrap your hair in a protective suit of armor. Fight against bacteria, fungus and harmful microbes while facilitating positive hemostatic properties such as acting as a styptic. This helps blood clot faster and increases the constriction of blood flow, which is a good thing when you have scalp dryness that just won 't go away. The biggest benefit of geranium is its cell regeneration. This property allows dead cells to leave your scalp and hair follicles and will start the necessary process of replacing these cells.


There 's a lot of information out there for hair and scalp health. It 's important to put in the time to research and luckily we did all that for you. We only focus on all-natural ingredients for proper hair growth and nothing else. We are the experts.

To recap, it 's vital to know your hair style and to identify your growth issue. Know what you want your hair to be and work backwards. Find the right product for your hair and know that these products are full of necessary nutrients, vitamins and other ingredients that your hair not only needs but craves.

So, you want thick luscious hair? Now there is nothing stopping you.

Feb 8th 2019 Beard and Company

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