Moana Hair: Grow Your Hair Like Moana

Moana Hair: Grow Your Hair Like Moana

Moana Hair

How To Make Your Hair Look Like Moana

It’s no wonder that so many people want to have the same hair as Moana. As a Disney princess, she in particular has long and awesome locks.

Even though she isn’t real (shhh!) there are some tips and tricks you can use to give yourself the luscious locks Moana rocks throughout her journey with Maui.

Let It Grow

This tip may seem obvious but you need to let your hair grow. It needs to grow long to pull off hair like Moana but that’s okay.

If you use our tips to grow your hair long here then you should be good to go!

Let’s recap that blog post real quick!

Don’t shampoo as often

Most shampoos strip way too much natural oils and end up damaging hair. When your hair is really dry it can create split ends which is the biggest enemy of hair growth. The biggest offenders are ingredients like sulfates that are very damaging to hair.

Hair growth oil

Using the right oil will not only restore shine and moisture, it should promote healthy hair growth and provide some measure of UV protection. Our Hair Growth Oil Extra Strength does all this and more with only the best all natural oils.


Over-processing, bleaching and shampooing lead to stripping your hair of natural oils leaving it porous and empty of protein. Eating a diet high in protein, vitamins and the right hair oil will restore this protein allowing for elasticity to come back. Hair stripped of protein is dry and brittle.

No bueno.

Seal in moisture

A big problem for hair growth is not getting enough moisture back into your follicles. This is caused by many different reasons but tamanu oil helps to seal moisture back in. Using tamanu oil after a shower or when your hair is damp will restore lost moisture easily and overtime you will end up with lucious and conditioned hair that you thought would never come back.


You now have some awesome knowledge and some product recommendations ready to take on the Moana hair challenge. Growing your hair long is step one and these are great steps to follow.


Mar 13th 2018

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