The Best Beard Grooming Tips: How to Avoid Dry Skin with Beard Shampoo

The Best Beard Grooming Tips: How to Avoid Dry Skin with Beard Shampoo

Believe it or not, washing your beard is something that many whiskered-folk do wrong.

How hard can it be?

Use whatever shampoo and conditioner you have from the grocery store or pharmacy, right?

Wrong. Very wrong.

Unfortunately most of these regular “hair on your head” shampoos from the grocery store aren’t suitable for beard hair and certainly won’t help issues like beard dandruff either.

Grooming products that contain long-lettered ingredients or have no sign of natural products like essential oils should be avoided because they likely contain sulfates.

Sulfates: Why Soap and Regular Shampoos Will Wreck Your Beard

There has always been a strong debate about sulfate-free shampoos and here is the skinny on that.

Sulfates are surfactants and they basically separate solids and liquids ie: water, soap and dirt.

This helps you wash away dirt and separates the grime from your natural oil (and unfortunately strips your natural oils at the same time) which leads to scalp and hair damage.

Stripping natural hair oils is a big problem especially when it comes to using these harsh shampoos.

Your sebum, which is the oil secretion that comes from your sebaceous glands, is a love-hate relationship with your body.

The right amount of oil on our skin can help protect it.

Stripping it with sulfates in regular shampoo can mess with this production negatively and either kickstart an overproduction or an underproduction.

This leads to really oily skin or the latter, dry skin that is craving moisture and hydration.

How to Get A Clean Beard

There is a huge debate on them being safe but regardless, they are still very irritating.

We at Beard and Company love natural ingredients so it’s no wonder what shampoo we use in our beards.

We have formulated the best beard shampoo and conditioner that are designed to be used together.

Our beard products are always natural and these are no exception.

Of course they are sulfate free.

Say goodbye to stripping away all your natural oils as these are very gentle on your hair and skin.

Beard and Company's gentle beard shampoo treats beard dandruff with natural tea tree and peppermint essential oils while providing a cooling sensation that leaves you feeling and smelling fresh.

Our hydrating conditioner injects moisture back into your beard when you desperately need it.

Warm and hot water dries out skin and hair so using a natural conditioner that tames hair and stops frizz is mandatory to continue beard growth.

How Often Should You Wash Your Beard?

It’s important to shampoo and condition your beardabout 3x a week when you regularly shower unless your beard gets dirtier faster.

Over-washing with any shampoo will result in dry beard hair and flaky skin.

Over-conditioning will result in heavy beard hair that has too much build-up.

Speaking of such, build-up can occur if you do not wash your beard enough as well.

There’s More to Beard Maintenance

After using shampoo and conditioner during a shower, it’s the perfect time to inject moisture nutrition since your pores are open from the warm water.

Beard softening is real!

And you can do it with our beard lotionafter a shower before you use beard oil.

With ingredients like premium organic lotion, coconut oil, aloe vera and shea butter, this is the perfect product to soften your facial hair.

This lotion will not clog pores either. Tea tree oil and peppermint also give a cooling effect.

Another great benefit is they are great oils to combat dry and flaky skin.

This is super important especially after a shower because you aren’t even giving dry skin a chance.

By using a couple squirts of our beard lotion and rubbing it in your beard and face, it will soften and continue help with dandruff, flakiness, redness and even acne due to our high quality tea tree oil inside.

Incorporating this into your routine will really keep your beard from tangling in the future even if you don’t have any tangling issues yet.

It keeps everything super soft and healthy.

When you use lotion on your hands and body, it absorbs which keeps it moisturized and stops skin from drying out.

Lotion is great for keeping your skin's natural elasticity as well.

The same principles work with facial hair.

Our beard lotion is formulated specially for facial hair and skin to make sure they’re getting what they need.

You want a healthy beard?

This is how you get it.

Your Beard Care Routine

While there are many different ways to use many beard products, there is certainly a consistent routine that we recommend.

It always starts with beard shampoo and conditioner.

That is a must!

Washing away dirt, grime and excess oils maybe one of the most important steps you can take to a healthier beard.

Moisturizing a dirty beard is no good. It’s like waxing a dirty car.

Weird, right?

Exactly, so let’s stay away from that and always make sure to keep it clean.

But please remember not to overwash either like we talked about earlier.

Using beard conditioner comes next.

Getting your beard hydrated as soon as possible is very important, that’s why conditioning for you head hair is super important.

You can’t give hair or skin a chance to dry out even when you’re in the shower.

Using lotion in your beard while it is still wet is totally fine as well.

Towel drying with lotion in your beard is fine and it won’t conflict with beard oil when it’s a little more dry.

Oil and water do not mix but lotion and water do mix.

So, feel free to use lotion right out of the shower. Keep the bottle close and it use before ourbeard softening oil.

Once you feel how soft your beard is, you’ll thank us.

And yourself for reading this post.

Jun 14th 2018

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