How to Make Your Curly Beard Straight with Pro Straightening Tips

How to Make Your Curly Beard Straight with Pro Straightening Tips

How to Straighten Curly Beards

One question we get a lot from guys is how they can make their curly beards straight.

We generally identify two types of curly hair. Naturally curly hair and damaged hair that becomes curly or wavy.

Naturally curly beard hair can be frustrating just as regular curly hair is because it seems to take longer to grow it out compared to straight hair. 

Since hair ideally grows at the rate of ½ inch, if you hair is curly at all, it won’t appear as long as straight hair does. This can be very frustrating because it seems to grow way slower.

Naturally, curly hair tends to be thinner and more coarse than straight hair so it can require extra care.

Curly, unruly beard hair is a pretty common beard problem that's usually caused by hair that's become too dry.

When our hair is dry and damaged, it usually stiffens and curls.

So if we want a straighter beard, we must first begin by treating the dryness problem and then work on straightening it.

The Best Beard Care Products for Straightening A Curly Beard

1. Use a gentle, organic beard shampoo a few times per week.

beard shampoo

Beard and Company's gentle beard shampoo

It's recommended that you do not use a regular hair shampoo since it is harsher than shampoo formulated for beards.

2. Use beard conditioner every day or every other day, depending on the dryness of your beard.

beard shampoo and conditioner set

Beard and Company's beard shampoo and conditioner set

3. It's important to use a high quality beard oil that contains NO artificial fragrance oils especially if you have a dry, damaged beard.

Artificial ingredients will further damage your beard.

Tip: if a beard oil claims to be all-natural but comes in scents like Pina Colada, it's not natural. Scents like those are made from oils that are used in candles and should NOT be used in your hair or beard.

The best beard oil for dry beards is Beard and Company's beard oil with protection formula which contains vital nutrients for softening and protecting damaged facial hair.

Beard Heat Shield

beard oil with protection formula

Beard and Company's beard oil with protection formula is a beard heat shield, protecting delicate facial hair from damage while using heat tools like beard heat straightening combs

Use beard oil daily after showering and whenever your beard feels extra dry or frizzy.

4. Use beard balm daily to keep your beard ultra soft while adding even more protection. Using both beard oil and beard balm will ensure that your beard never dries out.

beard balm with protection formula

Beard and Company's beard balm with protection formula

5. Beard and Company's beard grooming kit with protection formula comes with everything you need to protect your beard before and after using beard straightening brushes and combs.

beard grooming kit with protection formula

Beard and Company's beard grooming kit with protection formula

First Step to Getting A Straighter Beard

How often do you shampoo your beard?

If you shampoo too often or if you use a shampoo that's too harsh on your beard, you're probably stripping your beard of its natural oils with each shampoo.

Our beards actually need to be washed much less than we think.

Unless your line of work exposes you to a lot of dirt and grime on a daily basis, you probably only need to shampoo your beard a few times a week.

And when you do shampoo it, it's important that you use a gentle beard shampoo that will cleanse the hair without over stripping it of its natural oils.

So ideally, you'll only be shampooing your beard anywhere from one to three times per week.

Even though you won't be shampooing it every day, you'll definitely want to use a hydrating beard conditioner every day or so during your shower.

This will still keep your beard clean but will do so in a much gentler way while putting moisture back into your dry beard.

After showering, dispense a few drops of an all-natural beard oil into your hands and gently rub into your damp beard.

Try to get the oil close to your skin and using a sawcut beard comb, gently comb the oil throughout your beard.

Blow Drying Your Beard Straight

blow drying your beard straight

If your beard is long, it's easy to make it straight simply by blow drying it while using a comb.

After applying your beard oil and a heat protectant spray, set your hair dryer on low (tip: using a cooler temperature setting will be much less damaging on your beard) and gently comb through your beard, pulling the hair straight as you follow with the dryer.

To hold the style in place and encourage your beard to be even straighter, rub a small amount of beard balm into your hands and gently rub the balm downwards through your beard.

Beard Straightening Combs and Brushes

Growing a beard is tough work. You spend a lot of time and energy into carefully choosing the right products, using them the recommended way that works for you but now what?

It’s like a second job sometimes. Now you have the beard but it’s not exactly how you want it.

Curly beards, wavy beards, wiry beards...what do they all have in common?

We want these beards to be straight!

But the real question is how do one straighten a beard?

There are a few ways but beard straightening brushes and combs are becoming quite popular.

How Beard Straightening Brushes Work

These brushes work by having a heating element inside the comb or brush. They work just like hair straighteners and flat irons that have been on the market for a long time already.

The heating element works to heat up and straighten your beard as you brush it, there is no crimping or holding down like hair straighteners.

How long should my beard be to use a straightening brush?

Since heat is being used you need to make sure that your beard is the proper length. Otherwise you will be doing too much damage to your facial hair.

Your beard should be at least 1 inch long to use a beard straightening comb or brush.

The longer the better because it takes more time to damage longer hair than shorter hair.

Beard Damage

The main problem with using a beard straightening brush is the heat itself which is what dries out and damages hair and beards very easily.

If you don’t brush properly or keep the brush in place you will damage and burn off your hair, just ask anyone who has used a curling iron or hair straightener!

Heat and dryness cause split ends and to a further degree it can straight up singe off your hair, burning it off never to recover.

How to protect your beard from breaking or burning when using a beard straightening brush

Experts agree that you should never use any heating element on your hair without any sort of heat protectant.

Curling irons and flat irons can reach temperatures of 450 degrees Fahrenheit and considering you need a certain amount of heat to straighten, these brushes and combs made for beards use the same technology.

If you decided that using a heated element to straighten your beard is worth it to you then you absolutely must protect your facial hair while doing it.

Protection from heat is absolutely necessary to keep any type of hair healthy and strong.

Beard and Company's Protection products are formulated premium organic argan oil along with castor and jojoba oils that coat follicles and transport much-needed nutrients to protect against heat and its damaging effects on your sensitive facial hairs.

Beard Oil with Protection Formula should always be applied before and after you use a beard straightening comb in order to protect it from breaking.

Beard Balm with Protection Formula is made with shea butter and argan oil for a perfectly crafted heat protection product that will soothe your beard inside and out while keeping it safe from hot temperatures.

Using a straightening iron

While using a flat iron (also known as a straightening iron) may be tempting when you're trying to make your beard straight, we have to caution against its use.

The extreme heat of a flat iron will damage and break your hair and possible even burn your face.

The best way to get a long, straight beard is to soften it as much as possible and straighten it with a low heat.

Blow drying with any level of heat will take a toll on the health of your beard in the long run, so it's important to replenish it with moisture as often as possible.


Curly hair can be frustrating to style. But just like other hair type, once you learn how to manage it properly, you can style it basically any way you want.

Since curly hair generally takes longer to grow, once you get it managed, it will seem like your beard couldn’t be longer!

But first, remember you must add moisture to your beard. Once your beard is hydrated, it will be much easier to straighten out.

Finding the right product to help you straighten your beard can feel like a lot of work, but here at Beard and Company, we want to make that process much easier.

Our products contain no fillers, synthetic fragrances, or harmful drying chemicals, so no matter how you choose to style your beard, it will be more luscious, healthy and straighter than ever before.

Apr 15th 2019 Beard and Company

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