How to Repair Damaged Hair While on a Budget

How to Repair Damaged Hair While on a Budget

If you're like me, you like to experiment with your hair. I have dyed my hair black, red, blonde and everything in-between more times than I can count and have suffered the consequences.

Split ends? Hair that's impossible to detangle? Yes, yes, and yes.

Many of the products I found that claimed to repair extreme hair damage contained a lot of chemicals and were way out of my budget.

After doing a bit of research online, I learned that many people were using argan and coconut oils as a natural, cheap solution.

A little history: For centuries, men and women have used essential oils to nourish and repair their hair. And many experts agree, natural is the best way to go.

Here are some essential oils that experts recommend for dry hair:

  • Almond oil soothes and moisturizes the scalp
  • Cedarwood oil stimulates the scalp and promotes hair growth
  • Chamomile oil adds shine and softness to hair, and soothes the scalp
  • Clary sage oil promotes hair growth and stimulates the scalp
  • Coconut oilsoftens hair and increases shine
  • Geranium oil strengthens hair
  • Jojoba oil moisturizes the hair, adds nutrients, and stimulates the scalp
  • Lavender oil deep conditions the hair, keeps it shiny, and helps control dandruff
  • Moroccan argan oil moisturizes, nourishes, and provides antioxidants to hair
  • Rosemary oil stimulates the roots, improves hair growth, and increases circulation in the scalp
  • Sandalwood oil helps with dry ends, and adds fragrance to the hair
  • Tea tree oil helps unclog hair follicles and nourishes your roots without over-drying

I experimented with different amounts of various oils and found the perfect mix of jojoba oil, almond oil, argan oil, lavender oil, and tea tree oil. This essential oil mixture took my hair from a damaged mess to shiny and healthy.

The best option to damaged hair is to use our repair oil and repair balm which uses many of the oils listed above. Using our repair oil after a shower or whenever you need to apply it will help get rid of those flakes and repair damaged ends. Our balm has the same powerful effects but will also help condition for longer and you can style your beard to your desire as well.

Our products are formulated for any type of hair including beards.

So, whether you are bald and bearded or have long hair and no beard, you'll be covered.

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Sold out

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Our hair and beard growth products are formulated with natural ingredients proven to reduce inflammation, treat dry skin and dandruff, and increase growth such as castor oil, tamanu oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, almond oil, and tea tree oil.

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Oct 21st 2018 David Boiano

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