How to Keep Your Beard Cool and Styled During Summer

How to Keep Your Beard Cool and Styled During Summer

Dealing with the hot days of summer while having a beard can be tough.

Summer is here at last, and while most of us look forward to long sunny days, there is a downside to the extra heat, especially for those of us with beards. It's no secret that a full beard can turn those warm days outside into sweltering saunas.

Though they're ideal for keeping you warm in the winter, a beard in summer is about as helpful as a woolly scarf around your neck. You'll probably find yourself staying indoors next to the A/C while your friends lounge around in the sun, or else bear it silently as waves of sweat start to accumulate around your collar. At least you can spend plenty of time in the pool, right?

In fact, summer with a beard doesn't have to be that bad. There are a few products you can use to keep your beard cool, thus keeping you cool and refreshed as well. What are these fine products? Well, the first is cooling beard oil. These oil-based conditioners are often used as ways to keep your hair healthy and your neck cool.

Of course, there are a few drawbacks. Namely the fact that oil-based products tend to be…well, oily. Helpful though they undoubtedly are, most beard oils are a mixed blessing, since they often leave both hair and skin feeling greasy in the summer months, ultimately exchanging one form of discomfort for another.

Don't worry, though, there's another (better) option. Instead of the ubiquitous beard oil, which isbetter suitedfor cooler months, take a look at our Beard Growth Spray. It has all the conditioning that oils offer, but it doesn't give you a greasy-looking beard and oily skin. But the main feature is that it helps your beard keep you cool. Setting aside the fringe benefit of helping your hair grow, thanks to its convenient spray bottle, you can use it whenever you need a quick refresher.

How's it work? Cooling peppermint and eucalyptus work together to keep you from getting warm, while a natural combination of herbs and vitamins keeps your hair healthy. It's really the best of both worlds when you consider that it a) allows you to keep your beard, and b) doesn't make you feel greasy. No oil, no sweat. And best of all, you can enjoy as much time soaking up the sun as you want without feeling like you're living inside an active volcano. Perfect solution.

So don't resign yourself to hot, sticky days just yet. Instead of sitting it out or suffering through heat stroke, try a spritz of beard growth spray. Use it after you shower in the morning, and whenever you start to feel the stuffy build-up of heat on your face and neck. Just imagine what it'll be like to enjoy your beard and the summer sun at the same time.

Oh, and remember, friends don't let other bearded friends suffer through summer. If you hear your friendsstart to complain or notice them wiping sheets of sweat from their necks, be a pal and point them toward beard growth spray.

Jun 14th 2018

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