Are Commercial Airline Pilots Allowed to Have Beards?

Are Commercial Airline Pilots Allowed to Have Beards?

Can pilots have beards?

Have you ever noticed that most pilots are clean shaven or only have a mustache?

There's actually a reason why pilots don't have beards.

It all boils down to oxygen. Good old air.

According to Federal Aviation Regulations Part 91.211, supplemental oxygen must be provided for the flight crew if cabin pressure altitudes above 12,500 feet are reached (planes with jet engines have cruising altitudes of 39,000 feet or higher).

Can pilots have beards?

A partial rebreather oxygen mask

There is some argument that not all beards or facial hair will interfere with masks but that is not a risk that airline pilots (or their employers) should be risking. 

Airlines even say that you need to put on your own oxygen mask before helping others put theirs on and the same is for pilots. If they can't wear theirs properly, then they cannot properly do their jobs if something should happen.

Rebreather masks

Can pilots have beards?

The partial rebreather is the most common mask. With this style, an external plastic bag inflates each time you exhale. The bag stores any unused oxygen so that it can be inhaled with the next breath.

It is vital that the mask seals well against the face. Unfortunately, a beard would prevent the mask from forming a proper seal and would cause a loss of oxygen to the wearer. You definitely don't want your pilot and co-pilot losing consciousness during your flight for obvious reasons.

You may be saying “but I’ve seen pilots on my flights with beards.” This can be absolutely true for a few reasons. Some airlines are more strict with their rules and guidelines for mask-fitting. Some might let you have a beard up to a certain length neatly trimmed.

Others may allow beards with no restrictions (usually non-American lines allow beards) and even some don’t allow beards whatsoever. But most U.S. airlines don’t allow any facial hair below your upper lip.

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Jun 14th 2018

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