2018 Holiday Gift Guide for The Bearded Man

2018 Holiday Gift Guide for The Bearded Man

2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Get the best gifts for your bearded man and more

Every year always seems to be a little crazier than the last. What you thought was cool may have been just a trend. Looking at you, puka shell necklaces!

Although you’ll probably get another ugly Holiday sweater again this year let’s make sure that you give hints for the proper gift for the thing that never goes out of style...beards!

We got you covered here, don’t worry. Beards come in all shapes, sizes, lengths, colors and no matter where yours is, even if you are having trouble growing one we got you covered here.

Plus with every kit here will save you hard-earned $$!

Extra Strength Beard Growth Grooming Kit

Sold out

Our favorite and most popular kit. Even just on the surface it’s a great value since you’re saving over $35 by buying everything together. But our extra strength line is such an amazing line-up you’ll see why it’s so popular.

These moisturizing and growth-facilitating products feature not only amazing carrier oils such as jojoba oil, argan oil, castor oil, vitamin E oil but also tamanu oil. It’s amazing oil that originates from Polynesia. It’s a thick, rich and slightly nutty oil that is known for its healing and growth properties. Combined with our all-natural essential oil growth formula this is not something you want to miss.

Balm and oil in two ounce sizes, organic clarifying shampoo and hydrating conditioner, oil-free growth spray plus a mustache growth roll-on. You’ll be the unforgettable hero this season.

Hair and Beard Spray Kit

Sold out

If our Extra Strength kit is not unique enough then this is what you’re looking for.

For the person who doesn’t use beard oil or balms we created the perfect kit.

We took our classic Beard Growth Spray which is an aloe vera based-beard softener along with our essential oil growth formula. It softens your beard and promotes hair growth while keeping your beard soft and hydrated without the heavy oil feeling.

Included is all 4 formulas. Sleep. Growth. Energy. Focus. Each one specially formulated to help relax your mind, stimulate hair growth, provide invigorating scents to help focus and wake up.

Eyebrow Growth Kit

Sold out

Everyone has eyebrows. Some people have only one.

And for those who barely have any we have the perfect fix!

The people have spoken and natural looking thick brows are now in. It’s a sigh of relief for those who have thick luscious brows but might be a Silent Hill siren for those who can’t grow banging brows naturally.

With the power of shea butter coating every strand of hair, fluffing them out and thickening them up with the first use you’ll see why it’s our most popular new product we ever released. Shea butter and the best blend of carrier oils (jojoba oil, argan oil, castor oil and almond oil) are the perfect ingredients to carry our growth formula.

Included is our Eyebrow Growth Oil. Our growth formula is transported by nutrient-rich MCT liquid coconut oil. It soaks into your skin and hair quickly and efficiently.

Oil-Free Beard Grooming Kit

Sold out

At a killer price any bearded fellow will love our ever-popular oil-free kit.

Hydrating beard lotion and refreshing beard growth spray is always a great stocking stuffer.

Premium organic lotion formulated with fresh peppermint and tea tree is the perfect beard care product for any length of beards. It’s a great product to use this time of year since dry skin is unfortunately here for a while.

Combine that with our Beard Growth Spray and this bearded man will have a holiday his beard will never forget.

No matter what gift you get your bearded man (or yourself) rest assured that they will have the best all-natural beard and hair care products you'll find. We only use the best all-natural ingredients perfectly formulated for just about any issue you have or might have.

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Our hair and beard growth products are formulated with natural ingredients proven to reduce inflammation, treat dry skin and dandruff, and increase growth such as castor oil, tamanu oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, almond oil, and tea tree oil.

Jan 5th 2019 David Boiano

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