Beard Oils

Beard Oils

What is beard oil and why should I start using it?

Beard oil is a concentrated all-natural beard conditioner which helps hydrate follicles and skin soothing dryness, irritation and itchiness.

The proper combination of ingredients should be made with essential oils that help stimulate hair follicles and promote blood circulation which leads to better and healthier growth while softening beard hair.

It also adds shine while not clogging any pores since it’s ideally made with oils that closely match our own such as jojoba oil and argan oil.

How does it work?

Keeping hair and skin properly hydrated will allow hair to grow out of their pores smoothly which can cause irritation and ingrown hairs.

Beard hair can become very brittle causing breakage and that typical beard itch. Providing the proper nutrients, facial hair can grow a lot easier and more healthy with a little bit of help from a high quality beard oil. Say goodbye to beard dandruff.

How much should I use?

Since everyone including our beards are different, start out with only a few drops and make sure to evenly distribute it throughout your beard.

You can start by massaging a few drops into your palms and gently combing your hands and fingers through your beard until there is none left on your hands (almost).

You may need to add a few drops at a time until your beard feels properly conditioned without using a lot of oil at one time.

How often should I use it?

This can differ but our recommended usage is after every time you take a shower or wash your beard.

This can be daily or 2-3 times a week, it is up to you. We say after every wash since shampoos and cleansers can dry out hair and skin, it’s best to rehydrate it as soon as possible and while it is still slightly damp but not wet since it gets easily absorbed.

Will it grow my beard faster?

Absolutely. Providing your hair and skin with what it needs to grow such as proper nutrients will absolutely facilitate growth by stimulating hair follicles and promoting blood circulation.

Most men growing beards are not utilizing their own natural potential for growth and providing your body with what it needs is the only way to help along with a healthy diet.

Can it be used as an aftershave?

Yes. All of our beard oils work perfectly as an aftershave.

Certain essential oils such as geranium acts as a styptic which helps to stop bleeding just like those styptic pencils your dad and grandfather used.

Oil keeps your skin smooth, hydrated and conditioned fighting off irritation and razor burn before it even starts.

Can it fix patchy cheeks?

Yes. Patchy cheeks are quite common. Luckily providing your body with what it needs like omega fatty acids which are found in carrier oils like castor oil and almond oil, your facial hair and skin underneath will increase blood flow and stimulate hair follicles.

This is necessary for hair growth and will continue to help the afflicted area. Beard balm with shea butter helps considerably since it’s effective and making hair appear fuller and thicker by coating hair strands providing volume.

Can it give me acne?

No. We only use non-comedogenic oils which mean they do not clog pores. Certain essential oils such as tea tree are used as acne prevention and as a treatment. Tea tree kills bacteria which is a major cause of acne and breakouts. Does it help dry skin? Yes. Dry skin does not grow healthy hair so it’s important to keep your skin beneath well hydrated and conditioned with beard oil. It helps soothe any irritation which leads to beard dandruff and ingrown hairs. Healthy skin grows healthy hair.

Will it help straighten my beard?

Yes. Dry beard hair is rough and coarse which leads to split ends and hairs with minds of their own. Dry hair sticks in all different directions. Luckily keeping your facial hair oiled and conditioned will alleviate this issue.

What's the difference between beard oil and balm?

Beard oils and balms are very similar. They both condition beard hair and the skin underneath while providing much needed nutrients. They differ slightly but have different uses. Balm contains a holding agent such as beeswax. Holding power is important for when your beard is on the longer side and want your beard to be styled. It’s a great addition to any beard care routine no matter the length since it works wonders at holding down those stray hairs that seem to pop up no matter what.

How are Beard and Company beard oils different than other brands?

We only use all natural ingredients. That means no synthetic fragrance oils which can irritate and dry out your skin and beard even worse than without it. These are cheap fillers which we never use. Finding the highest quality ingredients is half the work and the other half is creating perfectly formulated products to help common and uncommon beard issues alike.

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