Beard Growth Balm Extra Strength

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Premium organic tamanu and castor oils combine for a nutrient-rich balm that increases beard growth faster than any other beard growth balm with an even softer finish.

This balm blends together Earth's natural ingredients like oils, shea butter, and wax to hydrate your beard with the essential hair growing vitamins every man needs in their grooming kit.

Just dab your fingertip into the balm and rub it through your beard after showering and before bed and soon you’ll notice hair growing at a pace you didn’t think was possible.


  • Made with castor oils that promote rapid hair growth
  • Grows beards faster than beard growth vitamins and supplements
  • All natural balm solution
  • Rub your finger into the balm and massage into your beard after a shower and before bed
  • Provides great relief from acne, skin irritation and inflammation
  • Shea butter, beeswax, jojoba oil, almond oil, vitamin e, rosemary, thyme, lavender, tamanu, peppermint

If you’re looking for a quick beard growth solution then try our Beard Growth Balm Extra Strength and order yours online today!

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Shea butter, beeswax, jojoba oil, almond oil, castor oil, tamanu oil, vitamin E

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2 oz (60 ml)
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110 Reviews

  • 5

    Superb stuff

    Posted by Walter on Mar 20th 2022

    Great all around beard balm. This is definitely worth it over the regular beard balm.

  • 5


    Posted by Albert on Mar 18th 2022

    Replaced all my beard products. Balm helps to shape up my longer beard and really softens it plus traps the dirt and dust in the air during the day. Shea butter helps keep it conditioned all day/night long.

  • 5

    Very soft and works quickly

    Posted by Seamus on Mar 8th 2022

    Fills in the spots that fail to grow properly like the rest of my beard and immediately softens up my beard when I use it. The beard is amazing!

  • 5

    Just what I needed

    Posted by Juan on Dec 1st 2021

    Perfect addition to my beard care routine.

  • 5

    Perfect beard balm

    Posted by Michael on Nov 25th 2021

    Does what it says very well. Doubles as a pomade for my facial hair.

  • 5

    Great product all over

    Posted by Walt on Nov 3rd 2021

    Best beard balm on the market period. Great consistency, easy to get out, easy to apply and works amazing at keeping my beard filled in, thick, strong and healthy. Worth the price and free shipping.

  • 5

    5 stars

    Posted by Shaun on Jul 20th 2021

    5 stars

  • 5

    Killer stuff

    Posted by Marcus on Jul 17th 2021

    Very natural product which is great. Not a fan of synthetic products especially scents but this is from the Earth which I love. Shea butter scent with all natural essential oils so I know it will work well. My beard is happy.

  • 5

    Coarse beard hair? Use this!

    Posted by Landen on Jul 13th 2021

    If I had to pick one main complaint about beard growing is the coarseness of it. It gets so rough, I hated it but loved having a beard. Once my beard gets to about an inch it gets really sharp and hurts my face lol it's so rough to the touch. I guess it gets dry. But I use a little scoop like a pea sized amount and it works all day long. My beard feels so incredibly soft and now those little spots where it doesn't grow in as good finally grew in.

  • 5

    5 stars

    Posted by Sam on Jul 10th 2021

    5 stars

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