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Natural Hair Products

Beard and Hair Growth Oil


Grow your hair and beard faster with the help of Beard and Company's high-protein, high-omega hair oil formulated to encourage hair and beard growth. Solutions: ✔ Encourages hair and beard growth naturally ✔ Adds luster and shine to dull hair ✔...

Hair and Beard Repair Oil


What it is: The best hair and beard oil formulated with a blend of all-natural essential oils that repair even the driest and frizziest of hair. Solutions: ✔ Treats dry skin under beard and scalp ✔ Softens facial hair ✔ Soothes irritated skin and...

Hair and Beard Strength Oil


What it is: Our all-natural hair and beard strengthening oil is formulated to make your hair strong and protect it from everyday damage. Solutions: ✔ Replenishes moisture in dry beards and hair ✔ Protects hair from split ends ✔ Strengthens hair with...

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