Why You Should Be Using Almond Oil in Your Beard

Why You Should Be Using Almond Oil in Your Beard

Exploring the benefits of almond oil and how it can boost your beard health

When you're looking for beard growth products to use it's no surprise that almond oil is a popular ingredient. It certainly shows up a lot and that is fine by us.

Almonds are delicious.

Oh, and they're great for you beard too!

First off. Almonds contain lots of healthy fat, protein, and vitamin E. They are a nutrient-rich snack. When you press almonds, you get almond oil which is equally great for your beard as well as your skin and body.

Almond oil is rich in Vitamin E, potassium, zinc, proteins, and monounsaturated fatty acids. These properties are beneficial for increasing beard growth, eliminating dandruff, and reducing inflammation. It's also a very light oil which is great for facial hair. Almond oil is easily absorbed by the skin and hair leaving you feeling refreshed. Not heavy and oily like one would imagine.

Increasing Beard Growth

Magnesium deficiencies are often to blame for hair loss. Almond oil encourages hair to grow due to its high levels of both magnesium and biotin. This can cause really brittle and dry hair which lead to what ultimately are split ends. This is bad. If you find yourself not being able to grow your beard at all, you need our beard growth products that contain our all-natural formula which boosts growth.

Treating Dandruff

Almond oil treats and prevents dandruff by cleansing the scalp and removing dead cells. It also conditions your hair and skin to keep it from drying out. A dry beard will lead to many problems that will stop your beard from growing to where you want it. A common cause of dandruff is using too hot water in the shower. This really dries out skin and hair. Using a shampoo that contains harsh ingredients strip too many natural oils will also lead to flakes and dry skin under your beard.

Reducing Inflammation

Almond oil's high fatty acid content makes it ideal for treating inflammation. It moisturizes and softens the skin which improves circulation to the inflamed area. Dry skin is a main cause of irritation but fighting it isn't always easy. Sometimes your body produces too much oil or not enough. Your body can get used to using a harsh shampoo and compensates. This leads to over or underproduction of oil. Underproduction leads to dry skin. And dry skin leads to inflammation. 

Where Can I Find Almond Oil for My Beard?

Beard and Company's all-natural  beard oil formulated for growth contains almond oil and other natural ingredients such as argan oil, Vitamin E, and 100% pure essential oils to keep your beard healthy and smelling great. Here are some of our favorite products that do contain almond oil.

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Premium Ingredients

Beard and Company's products are formulated with premium organic essential oils, coconut oil, shea butters, and beeswax sourced from our trusted partners here in the USA. Our shampoos and conditioners are certified organic and are free of sulfates and parabens.

Our hair and beard growth products are formulated with natural ingredients proven to reduce inflammation, treat dry skin and dandruff, and increase growth such as castor oil, tamanu oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, almond oil, and tea tree oil.

Fast Delivery

Beard and Company's products are handmade to ensure the freshest quality and usually ship within 24 hours of purchase via USPS with tracking for orders in the United States and USPS Priority Mail International for orders outside the U.S.

Secure Payment

Beard and Company is protected with the highest 256-bit encryption to keep communications between your browser and our servers private and secure. We do not store your credit card information.

100% Satisfaction

No-worries guarantee and refund policy.

Oct 20th 2018 David Boiano

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