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Treat Dry Skin and Get A Soft Beard with this Tip | Beard and Company

Jun 14th 2018

Treat Dry Skin and Get A Soft Beard with this Tip | Beard and Company

Beard Grooming Tip: applying beard oil at the right time

So when is the right time to apply beard oil?

Right after a shower while the hair is still slightly wet is the best time to apply beard oil for the best results.

If you wait until your beard has dried to apply beard oil, your skin and hair will start to dry out, leading to flaky skin and hair breakage.

So when you hop out of the shower, dispense a dime sized amount of beard oil into your hands (or more if your beard is longer or needs more moisture), rub them together, and gently run your fingers through your beard.


Having issues growing your beard is natural and very common but luckily it’s not something you need to live with for long, if at all. Beard oil is a great all-around beard conditioner. It moisturizes your skin and beard hair while not clogging your pores. While this can eliminate problems before they show up, classic beard oil may not be enough.

Luckily we offer beard oils that are specially designed for highly common beard issues. Our current line-up includes oils for growth, strength, repair and protection. Each oil contains specific blends of essential oils to help keep that mane mean.

Our Extra Strength Beard Growth Oil is our most popular growth product for great reasons.

It stimulates hair follicles and promotes blood circulation. Using this after a shower will give your beard the most nutrition hydrating power that you can get.

After a warm shower, your pores are still open. Since our oils are oils do not clog pores, it’s the perfect product to massage into your beard and skin while they are still open so our growth oil can absorb even faster without feeling greasy.

Dry, flaky skin or brittle split ends? You need our Beard Repair Oil. That beard itch needs to go and this is how you can do that. Our essential our blend for repair reduces inflammation and redness that is typically associated with dandruff and flaky skin. With its antibacterial properties, this is what you need if you are having beard pain like ingrown hairs.

Need a great preventative oil? Not sure if you are having any issues in particular? Snag a bottle of our Beard Strengthening Oil. The omega fatty acid content helps strengthen hair and protects them from split ends and replenishes lost moisture. Geranium oil, our high quality essential oil that we source from around the world, promotes cell growth by removing the dead ones and helping to generate new ones.

With our new Beard Protection Oil, you can help stop split ends and breakage naturally with vitamins that your beard is craving. We put in the highest quality argan oil we can find to repair hair and beard split ends to increase its overall hair health.

No matter what oil you are using after a shower, just make sure to keep on using it! Keeping your beard moisturized before it has the chance to dry out is *the* most important step you can take to make that beard kickass. This is the closest tip you can get to magic for beard care.

Don’t fret, the beard experts are here.

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